About the Blogger

My name is Edit (ee-DEET) Barry. I live in Baltimore with my husband and our young son.

I started this blog in April 2011 and called it Re:education in Baltimore because 1) it’s about education in Baltimore (obviously), and 2) it’s about my reeducation in this town. I’m a private-school educated Tel Aviv-born New Yorker committed to making my neighborhood public school in Hampden a top choice for all families. This blog is, in part, a record of my coming to terms with how I got here.

I put my name in the URL because this is a personal blog. It represents my point of view and captures my shifting interests and opinions. Having my name all over it also forces me to take responsibility for every word in these posts. (Typos, too.) The posts on this site are published by an author who won’t hide opinions and criticisms behind a mask of anonymity. If I offer no angle on curated content, it is not because I aim for objectivity. It is because I’m withholding judgment (skeptic that I am) until I have a thoughtful argument to make. (That’s part of what I mean by “thinks outside the sandbox.”)

It probably goes without saying that I am not into blogging for the money. (Ha!) For a living, I am a full-time writer and content strategist who works on brand-based admissions marketing and advancement campaigns for colleges, universities, and schools. Needless to say, the views expressed on this blog are solely my own, blah, blah, etc.

To learn more about me as a blogger, read my posts starting from the beginning. To get up-to-the-minute insight into what I’m reading or thinking about, follow me on Twitter. To further trace the development of my ideas and my writing style (you stalker, you) read all this:

Quotes in the Media

School Choice: Public Options for City Parents by Amy Landsman
Baltimore’s Child, October 2011

In their own words: Stories about education from Baltimore celebrities by Andrew Zaleski and Lionel Foster
Urbanite, August 29, 2011

Recent Writing Elsewhere

The Failure of Desegregation in Baltimore City Schools: An Interview with Morgan State’s Ray Winbush
for Baltimore Fishbowl, November 30, 2011

Pointless Siloes, or Will Rebuilding Baltimore City Schools Mean Shutting Some Down?
for Baltimore Fishbowl, November 4, 2011

Book Reviews from a Former Life

Summer of Love?, Baltimore City Paper, October 3, 2007

Boomsday, Baltimore City Paper, June 6, 2007

The Cuckoo’s Nest, In These Times, June 7, 2002

The Elaine Showalter Show, In These Times, June 11, 2001

Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you!

August 9, 2012


5 Responses to “About the Blogger”

  1. Hi Edit — I am a city mom too — wonder if you have found a school for your son, and if you’d be willing to share your insights about the process. The whole thing has given me an ulcer. I’m sick of people telling me to move out to the county…


    • Hi Rachel, Check out baltimorefamilies.org. There is information about upcoming education fairs, meet the big (city) kids events, and there are several public programs in the works for answering these kinds of questions about raising kids in Baltimore city. DBFA is a non-profit looking to empower city families and connect communities so you do not have to go through all of this alone! email me if you ever want to chat… eileenwold@gmail .com


  2. Finally found your blog. Here are a few links from my own that deal w/ the same issue and which I think you might be simpatico with



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